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Empowering Self-Service Users within your Organization


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  • Empowering users, power users

In this webcast Thorogood consultants George Brown and Austin Fiero explore how Thorogood’s differentiated approach to User Empowerment can help your organization deliver more confident, better enabled power users to recognize the full value of your investment in your Self-Service BI & Analytics platform.


What to expect

  • Benefits of having a strong base of power users
  • Key factors for a successful empowerment program
  • Struggles organizations face when developing self-service users
  • Opportunities for empowerment programs within your organization

Is it for you?

  • Has your organization invested in a technical self-service platform?
  • Does your organization fully recognize the value of your self-service platform?
  • Do you want to empower users to make data-driven decisions using your self-service platform?
  • Have you thought about continued learning initiatives to continually improve your user community?