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Developing a Data Lake Vision


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Thorogood consultant Ben Dunmire in this recorded webcast explores vital considerations when formulating a strategic vision for an enterprise Data Lake initiative. He also discusses how a focus on key business and technical factors before implementation can lead to a strong return on a Data Lake investment.

Developing A Data Lake Vision

During this 30-minute recorded webcast, we share our thoughts on implementing a robust approach to drive the design of a Data Lake solution that provides high business value. By understanding common challenges, identifying existing synergies and planning for future opportunities, a Data Lake or similar solution can be leveraged across various business functions as data and analytic needs evolve.

What to expect

Drawing from our own client experiences, we demonstrate:

  • Common pain points or bottlenecks that organizations experience with Data Lakes, and how to mitigate those risks during solution visioning.
  • Enlightening questions and topics to explore with different business functions to provide valuable insights when developing a Data Lake strategy.

Is it for you?

  • Are you in the process exploring Data Lake-like technical options to maximize the use of your organization’s data?
  • Have you begun designing or implementing a Data Lake?
  • Are you interested in learning how to seamlessly integrate a Data Lake and improve your organization’s existing data ecosystem?
  • Is your organization interested in capturing and experimenting with a broader array of data?