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The Data Science Workspace


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The Data Science Workspace

The answers to transformational business questions often lie in vast datasets that can only be discovered by talented data scientists with the right tools for the job.

Data scientists have requirements to freely explore the hidden value in internal and external datasets. This webcast explores how to best enable these high-value roles in a secure and responsible way.

The Data Science Workspace

What to expect:

  • The business need for a data science workspace and why traditional technology enablement falls short
  • The key functionality and common mistakes when defining a data science workspace
  • The advantages and disadvantages of defining the workspace in the cloud or on premises
  • A case study of a data science workspace

Is it for you?

  • Do you have a business case for analytics but traditional technology and approaches are holding you back?
  • Are your data scientists putting pressure on data, technology, and security guidelines and you are looking to meet their needs in a responsible way?
  • Are you looking to further enable user groups of all capabilities within your organization, including data scientists?