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The Future of Data ''Warehousing"


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It’s a database, it’s a lake, it’s a lakehouse… it’s all those things? The last few years have seen enormous evolution in technology, architecture patterns, and best-in-breed designs for data and analytic systems. And, despite that evolution, the principles of data warehouses that have been applied for the last few decades persist, leaving us with an intriguing future of data “warehousing”.

Advances in data storage and processing capabilities, largely due to the cloud, have enabled organizations to gather increasingly massive volumes of data, leverage high velocity data to reach real (or near-real) time insights, and truly deliver on the mantra of making data-driven decisions. However, we’re left with varied data architectures featuring combinations of data lakes, relational databases, NoSQL databases, Lakehouses, and much more backed by a huge number of technology vendors vying to be best-in-breed. In a rapidly evolving technology landscape, it’s crucial to make informed decisions that will set you up to execute effectively now and into the future.

The Future of Data Warehousing (29 mins)

Thorogood has decades of experience helping enterprises deliver data warehousing solutions, and many years of developing cloud-based solutions. In this recorded webcast Thorogood Data and Analytics consultants Ben Dunmire and Sarah Diehl share our perspective on current industry trends and how we’re advising customers to prepare for the future.

In this webcast, we cover:

  • A brief synopsis of how rapidly the industry has evolved over the last few years and candid depiction of current warehousing trends.
  • The key principles we are preaching for modern data architecture design, and why they are relevant for technology and business.
  • Strategies to future-proof your architecture across topics including tool selection, architecture patterns, organizational structure, etc.
  • A view of where we see data “warehousing” going and considerations we think are important to take into account now to support what is to come.

Is it for you:

If you’re focused on having the most suitable data architecture for your business now and in the future, and want to foster a sustainable warehousing strategy, do consider joining us for this webcast.

  • Do you have concerns about your current data architecture?
  • Are you wondering what’s in the marketplace and what the latest data storage trends are?
  • Are you looking for a unvarnished perspective on the current technology landscape and patterns being implemented?