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Introduction to Looker


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As self-service BI tools have become increasingly popular throughout the recent years, many more people are now able to create and distribute visual reports and dashboards within their organizations.

As the popularity in this space is increasing, so are the number of different BI tools and platforms that are now available to choose from. With so many popular options out there, people are left to figure out what option is best suited for their organization.

In this webcast, Thorogood consultants Sarah Diehl and John Miller focus on Looker and provide a deep dive into the platform. They review what the tool is best used for, key features, review best practices for developing and sharing reports throughout your organization, and provide examples of reports built-in Looker to give a flavor of what the platform is capable of.

What we cover:

  • General introduction to Looker – what is it? What sets it apart from other BI tools?
  • First steps to bringing Looker into your organization
  • Best practices for developing with Looker and sharing out reports

Is it for you?

  • Are you interested in using Looker as a tool in your business?
  • Are you beginning to use the tool and are interested in learning more about it?
  • Are you responsible for creating reports in your organization, and are interested to see what other tools out there are capable of?

Introduction to Looker (16 mins)