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Machine Learning with Google Cloud Platform (Vertex AI)


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Cloud technologies are becoming more powerful with their ML/AI offerings with the addition of new features each year. These ML suites can solve complex business problems as well as give advanced analytical insights.

However, one challenge that arises for companies when using these platforms is that it’s difficult for them to take advantage of all the features.  In Google’s new Vertex AI, Google Cloud Platform provides a solution to this by creating one AI platform for all its ML tools.

Vertex AI is the new unified ML platform offered by Google Cloud Platform. Vertex AI brings all of Google’s ML capabilities into one UI and API. Google has been a strong leader in the ML space and has now enhanced its ML suite in GCP as well, helping it catch up – if not overtake – other cloud providers in this technological space.

What We Cover

  • An overview of the different features that Vertex AI offers
  • How to take advantage of Vertex AI by combining features to build an end-to-end solution using best ML practices

Is it for you?

  • Are you currently using GCP as your cloud provider and would like to take advantage of the ML/AI offering for advanced analytics or different business use case?
  • Are you interested in GCP’s capabilities and want to learn more about what it can provide to your organization?

Machine Learning with Google Cloud Platform (Vertex AI)