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AI as a Service


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In this recorded webcast Thorogood Consultant Scott Stieritz takes a dive into the world of AI as a Service, taking a look at common technologies within the space, and explores roles for these services within everything from exploratory to productionized analytics.

AI is a hot topic in the data and analytics industry. AI as a Service offerings can make artificial intelligence more accessible. But how do these technologies work? In what ways can we integrate these offerings into our business processes? And how can our organizations gain a competitive advantage through AI in a world in which everyone can make use of these same algorithms?

AI as a Service (26 mins)

What we cover

  • Introduction to AI as a Service offerings
  • Hands-on look at available technologies across cloud platforms
  • Exploration of real-world use cases for AI as a Service solutions
  • Consideration of the processes surrounding an implementation that are crucial to getting right in order to drive business value

Is it for you?

  • Are you trying to understand how AI as a Service offerings differ from, or can work in tandem with, investment into custom model exploration and development?
  • Do you want to learn how to quickly inject advanced analytics into your business processes?
  • Are you looking for inspiration through some real-world applications?