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Databricks and the Data Lakehouse: a practical approach for the data-driven enterprise


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Increasingly, organizations are taking advantage of the flexibility and scalability of Data Lake approaches to storing and analyzing data. Using Databricks’ leading-edge technology offerings, Thorogood has helped global enterprise organizations deliver innovative business analysis in a reliable, performant way.

Since the introduction of the Data Lake concept ten years ago, many companies have benefitted from the insights they’ve gained from unlocking a wide variety of data sources – unstructured social media data, vast collections of legal documents, or years of historical data from archive or backups. With the advances in technology from companies like Databricks, it’s possible to achieve the same flexibility and scale, while maintaining the performance, structure and reliability that’s needed for frequently-used, high-value datasets that allow you to analyze day-to-day financial, sales and supply chain data alongside these more innovative sources.

In this recorded webcast, Thorogood consultant Andrew Kennedy explores the Data Lakehouse concept and shows how the latest tools from Databricks open your data to deliver insights to a wide collection of use cases and user groups.

Databricks and the data Lakehouse (37 mins)

We show:

  • How Databricks tools such as Databricks Unified Analytics Platform, Delta Lake and SQL Analytics Workspace support flexible, innovative analysis
  • Azure and AWS architectures for implementing a Data Lakehouse using Databricks
  • How you can use the platform to explore your data and uncover new insights

Is it for you?

  • Do you want to get more insights from the data sources that you’re currently under-using?
  • Could you benefit from more joined-up analysis of your disparate datasets?
  • Are you looking to take advantage of the scalability and flexibility offered by cloud data analytics tools?