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Building a Data Driven Organization


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The value of Analytics is more evident today than ever before, yet organizations are struggling to move the analytics curve in order to deliver high-value initiatives seamlessly. The considerations around the availability of data in conjunction with the appropriate tools to use, in the backdrop of processes and people play a vital role in establishing a thriving analytics practice.

A customized approach towards different user strata is crucial in the establishment of a data-driven culture. Identification of where the organization stands today with reference to where it wants to be, with that gap bridged by leveraging tools, experience and best practices are the first steps in moving towards being a data-driven organization.

In this 30 minute recorded webcast Thorogood consultant Raghav Pandey outlines our experiences of helping global, blue-chip organizations develop both broad and deep analytics capabilities built upon the three pillars of tools, data and education.

What to expect

During the course of the webcast we:

  • Review evidence that data-driven organizations outperform their rivals
  • Explore industry paradigms that can help you to assess your current analytics capabilities. Understand the relationship between data, tools, people and processes that allows for the establishment of a self-sustaining analytics community.
  • Explain the factors and approaches that make a real difference in improving your organization’s performance

Is it for you?

  • Do you want to help your company compete through data-driven decision making?
  • Is your organization struggling to get started on its analytics journey? Are you looking at making a shift from prescriptive to a more predictive type of analytics?
  • Would you like to understand how other organizations apply analytics to drive business performance?