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Automating Risk Reporting in Banking and Insurance


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  • Risk Aggregation & Reporting
  • BCBS 239
  • IFRS 17

In a world driven towards automation, it is important to explore opportunities to automate risk reporting and mitigate any risks associated at an appropriate time.

In this recorded webcast, Thorogood consultant Nanda Nainadurai outlines some of Thorogood’s learnings from deploying BI tools to help automate risk reporting. During this webcast we leverage our industry experience, knowledge of technical BI solutions, and understanding of common challenges, including those pertaining to risk aggregation, to highlight how various solutions could help with automating risk reporting.

Automating Risk Reporting in Banking & Insurance (20 mins)

What we cover:

  • A brief introduction of risk reporting in Banking and Insurance companies
  • Discussion on the various challenges faced and the benefits of automating risk reporting
  • Explore possible solutions for automating risk reporting and how they add value to the business

Is it for you?

  • Are you currently working as part of the risk reporting team?
  • Are you working in a team to comply with BCBS 239 or IFRS 17?
  • Are you curious to understand and explore potential options to automate risk reporting?