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An agile approach to Data & Analytics developments


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  • Agile Delivery Approach

Data and Analytics applications differ from other IT projects and therefore the most effective approach for developing these applications is different from the more traditional methods of software development. The need for business focus, performance and flexibility present challenges, and calls for disciplines beyond those other projects.

In this webcast, Thorogood consultant Paul Taylor discusses different approaches to development, including Waterfall and Agile, provide comparisons and discuss their relative strengths, weakness, and appropriateness for Data & Analytics developments. We will focus on Thorogood’s approach to developing applications and why our customers find this the most effective method for achieving success.

An agile approach to Data & Analytics development

What is covered:

  • What a Waterfall approach to development looks like
  • The origins of Agile and how it works
  • Thorogood’s agile and iterative approach to development
  • Advantages of using DevOps

Is it for you?

  • Are you about to embark on a Data and Analytics development but are unsure of the best approach to take?
  • Do you feel that your approach to Data and Analytics developments could be more effective?
  • Are you a business user, frustrated by the responsiveness of your organization when it comes to implementing business requirements?