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SAP Business Intelligence

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SAP Business Intelligence solutions provide flexible, intuitive access into your company’s information assets. Whether for executives, information consumers or analytical power users, Thorogood can help define SAP BI solutions to fit your business needs.

What can SAP BI do for you?

The SAP BusinessObjects platform provides the strongest integration with SAP ERP across all the BI vendors, opening your data to the full suite of BI tools.

It also continues to deliver strong data integration with non-SAP data sources, providing analytics, reporting, self-serve, mobile and more.
Revolutionary performance from SAP HANA, coupled with SAP’s BI tools enable powerful data discovery across the organization.

The SAP product set:

The SAP Business Objects BI Platform offers you flexible ways of sharing information, discovering insights and making it available throughout the entire organization. The SAP BusinessObjects product set includes:

  • Business Objects Interactive Analysis – An intuitive interface that enables business analysts and information consumers to build interactive reports & answer business questions.
  • Business Objects Dashboards – For creating interactive, analytical dashboards, connecting to SAP and other data sources.
  • Business Objects Explorer – Self-service access to information without the need for predefined reports or queries.
  • SAP Visual Intelligence – A self-service tool to help business users build transformations and generate visualizations to aid discovery
    HANA – SAP’s powerful in-memory software and partner-hardware allows organizations to access huge volumes of information and deliver high performance Business Intelligence across multiple types of data. Hear more about HANA …
  • Business Objects Mobile – Secure access to Business Intelligence on any device through SAP’s mobile BI apps.
  • Business Objects BI OnDemand – SAP SaaS solutions provide the flexibility to deliver hosted BusinessObjects analytics solutions without the need for significant investment in hardware and support.

How can we help?

Upgrade to the latest version of WebIntelligence 4 to deliver a more streamlined user experience through enhanced visualization and data access capabilities. Allow users to analyze data across multiple, different data sources that are integrated in the universe, copy and paste between SAP BusinessObjects Web Intelligence reports or into Microsoft Office and drag and drop report elements. Enhance overall productivity through platform improvements to new server metrics and system health monitoring.

Extend the reach of BI to all users in your enterprise through SAP BusinessObjects Explorer and Visual Intelligence, allowing users to explore large volumes of data, generate visualizations, act on insights and leverage predictive capabilities that would be challenging with more traditional BI tools.

To find out more about our experience, read what we’ve done for other customers using the SAP Business Intelligence portfolio. Or if you would like to explore more about this technology, join one of our events.

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