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The IBM Business Analytics portfolio is an advanced, highly-powerful suite which has far greater breadth and versatility that most rivals.

What can IBM Business Analytics do for you?

As a Business Intelligence platform, IBM Cognos BI is compatible with almost any data source both internal and external to your organization, and manages to balance being rich in features with an easy to use interface.

IBM Cognos TM1, meanwhile, is a high-spec in-memory engine powering performance management, supporting what-if analysis and both top-down and bottom-up planning approaches. By helping you extract maximum performance from IBM Business Analytics, we can equip your organization with the fast and responsive BI capability it needs to stay ahead of the competition.

The IBM Business Analytics product set:

The IBM Business Analytics offering includes:

  • IBM Cognos BI Enterprise – market-leading powerful and scalable business intelligence and performance management platform for integrated reporting, analysis and planning
  • IBM Cognos TM1 – a versatile and much-loved tool with dynamic planning, budgeting, reporting and what-if modeling capabilities built around a fast in-memory OLAP engine
  • IBM Cognos Mobile – allow users to access, analyze and share information via tablet and smartphone devices from anywhere in the world, online or offline
  • IBM Cognos Insight – a personal analytics solution enabling analysts and business users to analyze, visualize and share insights from their desktop, quickly and efficiently
  • IBM Cognos Express – an integrated BI and planning tool offering reporting, analysis, budgeting and planning for departmental or niche solutions
  • IBM Cognos Analysis for Microsoft Excel – provides access to IBM Cognos Enterprise content from within the ubiquitous Excel

How can we help?

As a Business Partner for IBM’s Business Analytics portfolio, we can help you not only to choose the right tools for your organization, but also to implement them in the right way. By arming your people with more flexible, responsive BI capabilities, we can provide value across your organization.

Our experience implementing IBM solutions includes a range of household name clients. To find out more about our experience, read what we’ve done for other customers using the IBM Business Analytic portfolio. Or if you would like to understand more about this technology, join one of our events.

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