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Anaplan’s business modelling platform can be used for a host of planning activities and business performance analyses. Its pioneering technology leverages the power and convenience of the cloud to deliver a new level of iterative and collaborative planning solutions.

What can Anaplan do for you?

Anaplan’s multi-dimensional capability displays data against products, customers, geographies, departments – all constructed with your own business hierarchies. You can then apply business logic with an easy code-free formula approach. You can link up models and assumptions to swiftly create driver-based plans closely integrated with the underlying business activity. All this is delivered through a powerful cloud platform allowing you to work and interact with business colleagues in real-time.

Anaplan’s key features include:

  • Clear intuitive user interface
  • Simple yet powerful modelling and planning
  • High performance, high scale, in memory calculation engine
  • Cloud convenience
  • Fully functional mobile capability
  • App store with downloadable fast-start models

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Contact Howard Yates. Howard is a BI & Analytics Consultant at Thorogood.

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