Thorogood is dedicated to supporting our customers during the Covid-19 pandemic.


Delivering the right solutions opens the door to smarter BI throughout your company – but your opportunities don’t stop there. We will continue to support your data and system needs into the future.

Electronic Point of Sale Data Management

We have worked with Point of Sale data for more than 10 years, so we know what the data’s all about.

In particular, we understand:

  • PoS data formats and content
  • how to combine PoS data with internal data
  • using powerful technologies to deliver better quality PoS data faster

We ensure ongoing high quality data delivery every period:

  • working with data suppliers and customers as a single team
  • following our tried and trusted process disciplines

System Support Services

Most helpdesks are not experienced in BI – it’s simply not their area of expertise. This means they can sometimes struggle to help because of:

  • insufficient knowledge of the technology
  • unfamiliarity with where the data comes from or what it means
  • lack of understanding of the user’s specific requirements
  • That’s why we train our support teams fully in both the technical and commercial purpose of our BI solutions.

They are as confident talking to business people as they are to IT specialists. So, not only can they support our applications technically, they can also react smartly to business issues.

Education & Training

We focus on skills transfer to ensure you continue to get the most out of our solutions – it’s built into our plans. But if you need more support to get up to speed, we can help.

  • Technical training in your selected technology set to help you help yourselves
  • Application training for our solutions to ensure users get the best out of your investment
  • Operational training to help you support your solution effectively

We also hold regular events in the UK and US, sharing our learning and helping people keep up with emerging new technologies and ways of working, so that you can forge more intelligent futures for your organization. More details below…

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