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With the right solutions in place, your organization will be armed with versatile, intuitive and insightful Business Intelligence that provides tangible competitive advantage.

Data Warehousing

If BI systems are to meet the needs of all users, the data stored must be flexible, logical, relevant and intuitive. It must perform. And overall, it must add business value.

We have more than two decades’ experience designing and implementing BI data warehouses. With our guidance you will not only ask the right questions, but also make the right decisions to bringing a clear business focus to the development of your data warehouse.

We can help you evaluate:

  • centralized enterprise data, hub-and-spoke or subject-area specific data stores
  • star, snowflake, normalized, de-normalized or hybrid models
  • departmental solutions versus global programs
  • single SMP servers to high-end MPP database appliances supporting “Big Data”
  • Master Data and Data Quality solutions – identification, collection and management of corporate data including business process definition and identification of supporting technology
  • strategies and tools for collecting, loading and integrating corporate data in a timely fashion
  • reporting architectures to support ROLAP, MOLAP, in-memory, self-service and collaboration

Reporting & Analysis

Your business will probably have a range of BI users from casual information consumers to highly-skilled analysts who live and breathe information.

We use our wealth of experience to deliver powerful information insights. Through intelligent visualisation techniques, users will quickly be able to harness your investment in Business Intelligence

We will provide you with:

  • dashboards to keep you informed
  • pixel-perfect reports ready for distribution
  • interactive data for ad-hoc analysis
  • visualizations to bring corporate data to life

Portals & Collaboration

In today’s world, organizations find value by bringing together people and ideas.

This could be as simple as a shared document library. But that’s just for starters. Our team can deliver powerful collaborative BI through a range of powerful technologies including Microsoft SharePoint:

  • a BI dashboard, keeping everyone on the same page
  • a single access point to separate BI applications
  • controlled publication of critical information
  • shared insights and learning via blog and commentary sites
  • personalized, relevant BI content through a web browser

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