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Starting out with BI can be a challenge. We help you make the right decisions up front so that you can deliver successful Business Intelligence solutions from start to finish.

BI Strategy

Maybe you’re new to BI or suspect your current strategy is not giving you the insights and flexibility you need. We can develop a roadmap to help you establish a clearer BI future.

The best way to get people motivated is to involve them – if they haven’t helped create the vision, they won’t do anything about it. Involving everyone creates a richer vision.

Our established and proven approach, incorporating elements of strategic planning and change theory, gets people and organizations working together towards common goals. We use graphical guides to look at the current situation and create visions of what success will look like  in the future.

Using these techniques we will help you:

  • Match business goals with technical possibilities
  • Identify risks and plan to manage them
  • Find a group consensus & develop a shared vision
  • Identify the bold steps & convert them into a time-bound game plan

Technology Selection

With so many options and features to consider, choosing the right BI technology can be confusing.

As an independent consultancy, we have many years’ experience working with the premier BI tools – and know which ones will best suit your business. We can help you:

  • understand your options
  • see through the vendor hype
  • evaluate which technology works best for your business

Solution Definition

Our consultants are experts in highly complex, technical BI systems – but they are experts in plain English, too.

We speak your language to find out exactly what you need, not only to tackle today’s challenges, but to meet your future needs as well. We will give you:

  • insights into today’s leading technologies
  • a look ahead to tomorrow’s key trends
  • a strategy for stretching your horizons in the future

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