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Advanced Analytics

With a significant increase in the popularity of advanced analytics offerings, many companies are looking to improve their existing business intelligence activities by looking to the field of analytics to enhance these capabilities.

Using existing BI data and the latest analytics tools from vendors such as Microsoft and SAS, organizations can identify patterns and develop models that provide insight and better decision making.

Not sure how to get started? Thorogood can help – we work with clients to:

  • Identify advanced analytics use-cases
  • Demonstrate how the latest technologies can be used to tackle complex analytic challenges
  • Expand the reach of BI applications, reviewing not only your current situation but also analyzing potential opportunities and risks in the future
  • Enable support for decisions at all strategic and operational levels of the organization
  • Trigger other exploratory analysis, with new questions based on discovered trends or predicted values.

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Contact Liz McCreesh. Liz is a BI & Analytics Consultant, and leads the Advanced Analytics practice at Thorogood.

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