Thorogood is pleased to announce a new joint-solution with Databricks

Blog02 Feb 23

We are pleased to announce that Thorogood has been named a Databricks Brickbuilder solution partner. We are proud to have been invited to the program as a launch partner in EMEA with our Migrate and Innovate solution, which enables organizations to realize the value of a modern Databricks-based data estate.

We have experience working with industry-leading enterprise organizations in migrating their data estates to the major cloud platforms, and our approach involves a combination of consultation and technical analysis to design a new platform to best meet business goals and leverage the core strengths of Apache Spark and Databricks.

Many organizations struggle to realize true business value from their transition to the cloud when using lift-and-shift techniques. This results in a relatively low return on investment and reduces the impetus to accelerate the shift. Our Migrate and Innovate solution follows a business-focused approach to migrate enterprise customer data estates. Leveraging the flexibility and ease of integration that the Databricks Lakehouse Platform provides, we ensure that business benefits are at the forefront of all technical activities.

Benefits and Use Cases from our Migrate and Innovate solution:

  • More Data, More Business Potential: realize the ability to have a comprehensive view of data in a platform capable of further analysis, end-user tool integration, or data science
  • Faster Time-to-Value:  start small and prove value, or simply work incrementally to incorporate high-value datasets initially
  • Fresher, Trusted Data: unlock the ability to ingest cleansed and audited data at a higher velocity, as rapid as real time
  • Responsible Cloud Consumption: work with experienced and well-trained consultants to ensure the Total Cost of Ownership remains reasonable
  • Data Science at Scale: a structured data layer with considered data engineering provides the ability of performing Data Science at any scale

Our multi-skilled teams understand the critical interplay of data engineering, data science, and data visualization in the service of business goals. For more information on our Brickbuilders Solution, visit the Databricks website. 

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Contact Alaistair Jones. Alaistair is a Data & AI Consultant at Thorogood based in the UK.