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Where to start with Microsoft Azure for Analytics in Financial Services


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Organizations are turning to Microsoft Azure for flexibility, speed of delivery and scalability at an affordable cost. Once you’re in the cloud there’s a fantastic opportunity to discover valuable insights from a wide range of data sources, but sometimes the large number of capabilities can make it difficult to know where to begin.

Looking at Modern Data Platform design patterns we’ve used with our customers, we’ll consider how Azure’s Data & AI offering can support valuable insight in real use cases.

Introducing technologies such as Azure Machine Learning, Databricks and Power BI, we’ll show how you can enable a range of users to build and consume analytics.

What we’ll cover

  • Introduce key Azure components for Data Science such as Azure Machine Learning, Databricks and Power BI
  • Show, using real use cases, how the Azure platform can support a wide range of data analysis
  • Discuss how different tools, used in combination, can support a range of users and use cases

Is it for you?

  • Do you want to understand how cloud technologies can help deliver valuable Machine Learning & AI applications?
  • Are you considering a cloud strategy and want to maximize on the potential to unlock valuable insights?
  • Are you interested in finding out which Azure components you can use in your scenario?