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Thorogood Data & AI Update: See how GenAI is unlocking business value for Thorogood’s customers


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Join Thorogood at the London Stock Exchange on the morning of Thursday, 20th June as we demonstrate with customer examples how applying AI, enabled with your data, unlocks valuable new opportunities for your organization.

Last October’s Thorogood Data & AI Update was aimed at demystifying AI, contextualizing it amongst prior waves of transformative technology, as well as showcasing how GenAI can already be practically and affordably applied to business opportunities. On 20th June we will further those topics, grounded in our experience with clients, and share:

  • An independent view across a Data & AI landscape – proprietary and open source – that is evolving quickly. GenAI is most helpfully seen in context as a powerful addition to the problem-solving tools at our disposal, not a replacement for all that came before. It also has the property of helping us turn unstructured data into sources we can derive insight from – everything is potentially data we can use in an era in which data is everything.
  • A practical framework for how to approach AI in a way that enhances efficiency, unlocks more data, and responds to business needs.
  • A demonstration and testimonial-led view of how we are helping our customers drive value in ways that previously were out of reach.

Since ChatGPT was made publicly available in late-November 2022, Artificial Intelligence, and GenAI in particular, has remained a widely discussed topic and a priority in board rooms and government departments. Beyond the hype of last year, the reality that AI benefits are fueled by data, and especially the data that is uniquely held by an organization, is coming back into clear focus. The central role of modern data platforms is a strong narrative emanating from leading technology vendors in the space such as Databricks, Microsoft, AWS and Google Cloud. In this seminar, we will explore this landscape, and help you see how AI can provide differentiated value in your business use-cases.

Thorogood has abundant experience helping industry-leading companies to gain competitive advantage by understanding business goals hand-in-hand with the data and technological possibilities to realise them. We have worked recently with leading organizations such as Boston Scientific, Oxford University Endowment Management, and others to identify where and how GenAI can unlock business value. We continue to collaborate with our partners in Databricks, Microsoft, Amazon Web Services, and Google Cloud to understand the latest offerings and to share how these are being received by our customers. This is enhanced by consultants who are gaining advanced degrees and accreditations from top global institutions at the forefront of open-source projects and the ethical application of AI, such as UC Berkeley, Cornell, INSEAD, and the Royal Statistical Society.

Join us to hear unique, independent, and business-focused perspectives on all things Data & AI, and to network with our consultants and our existing and prospective customers.



  • 9:00 - 14:00 (BST)


London Stock Exchange, 10 Paternoster Sq., London EC4M 7LS

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Meet the speakers

Amanda Teschko

Amanda is the Global Head of Machine Learning and AI and a Principal Consultant at Thorogood, with 15 years of consulting experience delivering valuable solutions for enterprise organizations including the likes of Mars, Liberty Mutual, and Unilever. Amanda holds an MBA from The Wharton School and a Master of Information and Data Science degree from UC Berkeley.

Andrew Kennedy

Andrew is a Senior Data & AI Consultant at Thorogood, with 10 years of experience designing AI solutions for customers, advising on models and architecture for automation and MLOps. Andrew is recognized as a Chartered Statistician by the Royal Statistical Society, and is a Microsoft Certified AI Engineer Associate and Databricks Certified Machine Learning Professional.