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Thorogood Data & AI Update: Driving Enhanced Business Outcomes in an AI-Enabled World


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Join Thorogood in Singapore on January 30th as we discuss the emergence and evolution of AI and share our view of how enterprise organizations can capitalize on the immense opportunity presented.

Artificial Intelligence has captured the public imagination in 2023, to both the threat of disruption and the many opportunities that AI unlocks.

Thorogood works with leading enterprise organizations to harness the power of their data and innovative technology to solve business challenges and realize value. We invite you to join us to hear our thoughts on the latest evolution of Data & AI.


Part 1 – Demystifying Data & AI

  • The AI Imperative & Technology Waves – Exploring how technology has evolved to support Data & AI, we consider why AI is an important topic for enterprise organizations, now more than ever.
  • Demystifying Data & AI – AI has taken the world by storm over the last year, but can we understand how the latest generation of models work? We get beyond the “magic” to demystify what the models are doing to answer the questions that are important to your business.

Part 2 – Driving Valuable Business Outcomes

  • Tour of Valuable Business Cases & Vendor Offerings – Moving from the theoretical to the practical, we demo multiple applications of Data & AI. After a brief exploration of the vendor offerings for AI, we show how you can bring AI tools together into a valuable business solution.
  • Organizing for AI – Ready with an improved understanding of AI and how you can apply it to business opportunities, you’ll want to plan your roadmap for Data & AI. We’ll share some of the questions we’re using as we work with customers to design their strategies for Data & AI.​​


Meet the speakers

Amanda Teschko

Amanda is the Global Head of Machine Learning and AI and a Principal Consultant at Thorogood, with 15 years of consulting experience delivering valuable solutions for enterprise organizations including the likes of Mars, Liberty Mutual, and Unilever. Amanda holds an MBA from The Wharton School and is currently completing a Masters of Information and Data Science at UC Berkeley.

Andrew Kennedy

Andrew is a Senior Data & AI Consultant at Thorogood, with 10 years of experience designing AI solutions for customers, advising on models and architecture for automation and MLOps. Andrew is recognized as a Chartered Statistician by the Royal Statistical Society, and is a Microsoft Certified AI Engineer Associate and Databricks Certified Machine Learning Professional.