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COVID-19 Announcement

Thorogood has been monitoring the COVID-19 situation and regularly reviewing official guidance from both the UK government and the World Health Organization.

Based on the current guidance we have made the difficult decision to postpone the BI & Analytics Update event scheduled for 19th March 2020.

If you have any questions or would like to discuss any of the topics on our agenda with a consultant in the meantime, please contact the Marketing Team.

We continue to develop our Digital Transformation theme at our Spring 2020 BI & Analytics Update, focusing on how to drive business value from analytics during digital transformation.

It’s all too easy to neglect near-term value opportunities when coping with the scale of technical changes in a digital transformation program. But for organizations to remain competitive the business must continue to exploit information during what can be an extended period of disruption.

How can you continue to support effective decision-making when everything around you is changing? Join us for this BI & Analytics Update where we discuss how a number of our customers are doing just that – driving forward with new analytic approaches as their information landscape transitions from the old to the new. Join us to explore what’s possible in BI & Analytics.

What to expect

We’re at an exciting new venue this Spring – Kings Place, King’s Cross London, for a day of presentations, breakouts, and networking.

Morning Agenda

Afternoon Breakouts

Deep-dive sessions into a range of business and data analytics topics, including:

Registration and breakfast will be available from 9.30am with presentations in the main auditorium commencing at 10.00. Lunch will offer an opportunity to network with speakers and fellow attendees, and after lunch, a panel debate provides a chance to ask questions and drill into topics from the morning’s sessions. We will then break out into interactive workshops for the rest of the afternoon, giving you an opportunity to deep dive into some of the hottest topics in BI & Analytics. We’ll close the day with drinks and a further opportunity to network with your peers.


Morning Presentations

Keynote: Driving Business Value from Analytics During Digital Transformation Programs

Trevor Jones, CEO at Thorogood

Surely, the opportunity for analytics is a central part of digital transformation? And the cloud era provides technologies that enable analytics as never before. So how can digital transformation be other than helpful to those in a business who want to exploit information? The theoretical alignment is obvious, but in practice, digital transformation requires many people and many things to change in the way an organization works.



Value Cannot Wait: How GSK Drives Continuous Innovation in Analytics

Shankar Jegasothy, Head of Pharma Supply Chain Analytics at GSK

In the context of GSK’s Digital Data and Analytics programme, Shankar will delve into the key strategic decisions that had to be made: how to balance near term value vs longer-term returns, considerations when transitioning to a new data infrastructure at speed and how to align across all elements of the business to drive towards a clear end goal through a well-defined path.



X-Y-Z, from Experimenting to Productionizing: Coca-Cola European Partners’ Approach to Self Service Analytics

Steven Debersaques, Associate Director – Business Analytics Customer Spoke Lead at Coca-Cola European Partners

While many believe that a data lake on its own constitutes a strategy, companies can fail to realize value from their investments throughout the often-lengthy development process. Steven Debersaques will share CCEP’s approach to self-service, which encourages people to think in a pragmatic way: by first experimenting with low-tech, low-cost prototypes to answer their business questions, before moving to robust, productionized solutions.



Bringing Advanced Analytics to the Business

Liz McCreesh, Principal Consultant at Thorogood

As advanced analytics, machine learning, and artificial intelligence rise to the top of many organizations’ agendas, it’s prudent to consider the right balance between technical sophistication and interpretable business value. In this session, we will discuss how the implementations of robust, enterprise-wide analytic models require different considerations than one-off analytic experiments.



Case Study: Automating Data Mapping

Julia Honigsberger, Principal Consultant and Director at Thorogood

We use a recent client example to show how the application of analytic algorithms can be applied to the common business challenge of mapping disconnected data sets. This session will describe the problem statement and show how automation can provide the confidence to accept recommendations to not only save time but also improve data quality.



Afternoon Breakout Sessions

Stream 1: Microsoft Azure Hands-on Experience with Synapse Analytics and Databricks

Deepika Bhatt, Senior Consultant at Thorogood

Interested in Azure, Databricks, or Synapse Analytics? This session will allow you to experience all three and more with practical exercises. In a session guided by experienced Thorogood consultants, you will be introduced to the Azure cloud offering then get hands-on to build an end-to-end Azure Data Lake architecture: connecting with Databricks to transform the data, writing data to Azure Synapse Analytics, and finally visualizing the data in Power BI. The 2-hour session will give you a strong understanding of the capability of Azure and how it could benefit your organization.



Stream 2: Amazon Web Services Hands-on Experience with Databricks

Liam Doyle, Consultant at Thorogood

Join us for this exciting 2-hour breakout session where we explore how to build a simple end-to-end data architecture using the powerful combination of Amazon Web Services with Databricks Unified Platform. The session will include hands-on experience with a range of AWS tools, along with an introduction to some of the powerful transformational capabilities of Databricks, allowing you to see for yourself the possibilities they offer.



Stream 3a: Business Intelligence for Revenue Management

Paul Taylor, Principal Consultant at Thorogood

Revenue management takes the age-old “sell more” and transforms it to “sell smarter”. Understanding the fundamentals of revenue management is vital to its success for your organization. Going beyond the fundamentals – knowing and accurately modeling the breadth and depth of data available – can paint a more holistic picture and drive better insights for growth.

In this 1-hour breakout, we will explain the key drivers for success in building out and gaining adoption of a revenue management application, including reliable & repeatable integration of external and internal data and demonstrate some example visualizations taking different perspectives and representing multiple granularities to cover the needs of a wide audience.



Stream 3b: Making Analytics More Accessible with Tableau

Jai Pradhan, Senior Consultant at Thorogood

Tableau is a long-established leader in data exploration, visualization, and dashboarding. Having been acquired by Salesforce in late 2019, in this 1-hour breakout we will explore the new features made available in the exciting 2020.1 release and look ahead at what’s to come.