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Autumn BI & Analytics Update


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Our event this autumn builds on the theme of Digital Transformation and focuses on three hot-topics:

  • Democratizing data and empowering the workforce

  • Moving to the cloud with Azure and AWS

  • Automating insights and beyond into AI

Join us to explore what’s possible in BI & Analytics.


Morning Agenda

Afternoon Breakouts


Digital transformation and the changing data analytics landscape

Trevor Jones, CEO, Thorogood

Hear Trevor’s perspective on the impacts and opportunities of digital transformation for data analytics in business. He’ll also talk about the fascinating competition between cloud vendors in this space, with Google’s acquisition of Looker and Salesforce’s purchase of Tableau making headlines this year, while both AWS and Microsoft Azure reported staggering growth.

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Ready, set, grow: Lloyds Bank’s Tableau adoption

Pippa Law, Group Analytics, Lloyds Banking Group

With Tableau user numbers ballooning to over 5,000 in three years, a key factor underpinning the success at Lloyds Banking Group has been the thriving community they’ve managed to build. In this session, Pippa Law will be taking a whistle-stop tour of their journey so far, from the first tentative baby steps to delivering real business value.

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Artificial Intelligence 101

Amanda Teschko, US Chairperson, Thorogood

Organizations that invest in data and algorithms have the opportunity to reduce the reliance on human intuition and the inevitable errors and biases that affect decision-making.

In this session, we’ll introduce the topics of AI and Assisted Decision Making and highlight key areas that organizations must consider when determining how and when these capabilities get integrated into their BI & Analytics landscapes.

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Automated Insights

Liz McCreesh, Analytics Practice Lead, Thorogood

For organizations operating with myriad channels, brands, categories, and geographical territories, identifying opportunities has become too big a challenge without the help of Artificial Intelligence.

Thorogood Automated Insights for Manufacturers leverages external market data to understand products’ performance and identify threats & opportunities in the competitive landscape. We’ll show you how Power BI and analytics combine in this powerful solution.

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Data engineer or data scientist? Databricks covers both bases.

Whether a data engineer transforming large volumes of data in the cloud, or a data scientist accessing advanced automated machine learning capabilities, the powerful Databricks cloud ETL tool can provide a great solution. At this session we show you what it can do.

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Analytics with Amazon Web Services

Evelyn Heyes, Global Executive Team, Thorogood

We look at how AWS analytics offerings in the cloud can drive faster and more powerful insights throughout your organization. We identify how your organization may be able to benefit from AWS analytics tools and highlight some of the considerations for getting started.

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Breakout: Microsoft Azure Immersion

Organizations are turning en masse to cloud architectures for flexibility, speed of delivery and scalability at an affordable cost. Microsoft Azure is often chosen for BI & Analytics due to the depth and breadth of its offerings in that area, but sometimes the large number of capabilities can make it difficult to know where to begin.

By introducing a design pattern for a business intelligence and analytics architecture in Microsoft Azure, we’ll show how a starting-point reference set of tools can simplify the process of identifying which capabilities best serve your business goals. We’ll extend this by looking at real use cases to explore some of the considerations that drive tool selection.

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Breakout: Power BI Hands-on Training

Missed one of our popular Dashboard-in-a-Day sessions? Following the great success of our dashboard-in-a-day training for Microsoft’s fast-growing Power BI data visualization tool, we have a 2-hour intensive hands-on breakout session to help you crack the basics.

Please bring along a laptop with:

  • At least 2 cores and 4GB RAM
  • Windows 7, Windows Server 2008 R2 or later
  • Internet Explorer 9 or later
  • Download and install Power BI desktop: powerbi.microsoft.com/downloads

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Breakout: Tableau Test Drive Experience

We’ll provide an overview and demonstrate the Tableau product suite, including Tableau Desktop for self-service analysis, Tableau Prep for data manipulation, Tableau Server for enterprise collaboration along with Tableau’s latest offerings in the NLP and AI space, namely Ask Data and Explain Data. You’ll then have an opportunity to get hands-on with the products through a guided example.

Please bring along a laptop with:

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What to expect

We’re back at the Ham Yard Hotel in Soho, London, for a day of presentations, breakouts and networking at our Business Intelligence & Analytics Update seminar.

Registration and breakfast will be available from 9am with presentations in the main auditorium commencing at 9.30. Lunch will offer an opportunity to network with speakers and fellow attendees between 1 and 2 pm. We’ll then break out into interactive workshops from 2 to 4 pm giving you an opportunity to deep dive into some of the hottest topics.

We’ll close the day with drinks and a further opportunity to network with your peers.