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As we stand at the forefront of the AI revolution, organizations are poised to leverage unprecedented opportunities for innovation and efficiency. Just as cloud computing transformed data and analytics, AI is reshaping the way we perceive, process, and utilize information. Join us for an insightful journey as we delve into the technological progress and the evolution of Natural Language Processing (NLP) that have paved the way for the rise of AI.

Demystifying AI (50 mins)

In this recorded webcast, Thorogood Data & AI Consultants Amanda Teschko and Andrew Kennedy explore the key principles of machine learning, unlocking the mystery behind how machines learn rules rather than being rules-based. They use the popular GPT (Generative Pre-trained Transformer) model as a basis for discovering what these models are doing, and how you can leverage them in your business. From understanding foundation models to customization techniques like prompt engineering, this recorded webcast demystifies the complexities that surround the world of AI. Applying these concepts, Amanda and Andrew explore two practical use cases of AI, providing a hands-on glimpse into the potential applications of this transformative technology.

What we cover:

  • An explanation of AI technological progress and NLP evolution.
  • A breakdown of the key principles of machine learning, through the lens of GPT.
  • An overview of foundation models and fine-tuning techniques.
  • An in-depth demo of two real-world AI use cases.
  • A look at the resources you need to get started with utilizing AI.

Is this for you?

  • Are you eager to navigate the transformative landscape of AI technology?
  • Are you seeking to understand the practical applications of machine learning?
  • Do you want to explore the potential of AI models in your organization?

Demystifying AI (50 mins)