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Gaining Insights through Chatbots on top of Your Proprietary Unstructured Data


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Artificial Intelligence can unlock many opportunities when applied to your organization’s data and particular challenges. One area of application is to extract value at-scale from unstructured and multimodal data that may previously have been overlooked- including audio, images, and videos.

In this recorded webcast, Thorogood Data and AI Consultants Mani Singh and Jake Roy outline how leveraging this data and creating custom Chatbots provides advantages over some of the general Large Language Models that have gained popularity over the past year or so; your solution will be based on your data, using your information for competitive edge. This could include leveraging market data, research reports, meeting recordings and other varied sources of information that you have invested in and aggregated. You can ensure the quality and relevance of data that will be used, and the data remains within your organization – guaranteeing compliance with your company policies and maintaining proprietary advantage.

Gaining Insights through Chatbots on top of Your Proprietary Unstructured Data (19 mins)

In this session, we explore the latest approaches to:


  1. Ingest and organize video content
  2. Create a ChatGPT-like bot that retrieves results based on your data
  3. Chat with the bot in natural language to get previously difficult-to-find insights


What we cover:

  • An overview of Large Language Models (LLMs)
  • The capabilities that allow you to tap into unstructured data
  • Custom Chatbots and how they can benefit your business
  • An illustrative demonstration of a Chatbot built on-top of an organization’s video data


Is this for you?

  • Are you interested in Artificial Intelligence (AI)? Are you interested in how AI can benefit your business?
  • Does your company have an archive of unstructured documents, like videos or PDFs, that you’d like to gain more value from?