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Databricks & Thorogood SQL Analytics Joint-Launch Panel


  • Online Panel + Q&A


  • Databricks
  • SQL Analytics
  • Lakehouse

Discussing Databricks’ New Offering & the Lakehouse Architecture

Databricks announced the launch of SQL Analytics, which is a substantial evolution and another step towards realizing Databricks’ vision of the Lakehouse architecture. The new type of workspace, known as “SQL Analytics Workspace”, is available to Databricks customers and significantly enhances the experience of data analysts, data scientists, BI developers, and business consumers alike, but while also offering substantial benefits to IT. Thorogood has published a blog post discussing these topics.

Join us on December 2nd at 11am ET as we co-host a 45-minute panel via Teams Live on SQL Analytics with guest speakers from Databricks. We will demo the SQL Analytics workspace, we will share some slides positioning SQL Analytics and explaining Lakehouse vision and its benefits, and we will open up the session to Q&A from the audience.

What to expect:

  • An introduction to Databricks’ newest offering- SQL Analytics
  • An explanation of the Lakehouse vision and its many benefits, including the enablement of multi-cloud strategies
  • An opportunity to ask the experts any questions about the Databricks platform and its roadmap for the future

Is it for you:

  • Are you currently using Databricks in your organization and keen to learn more about how to get the most out of the platform?
  • Are you currently using the AWS or Azure cloud and eager to understand how you can enhance your data engineering and data science processes?
  • Are you interested to pursue multi-cloud strategies that enable your organization flexibility in the cloud-era?