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Amazon Web Services is the leading cloud platform for Business Intelligence and Analytics. Using Amazon Web Services, Thorogood offers a robust range of services across all of your cloud compute, storage, database and application needs.


Considering your move to the cloud?


The economies of scale for Cloud-based Business Intelligence and Analytics are increasingly compelling for enterprise organizations. If you are considering your move to the cloud, make sure you understand the key vendors in the cloud space and how to map out your move to the cloud. Watch this on demand webcast titled “Embracing the Cloud for Business Intelligence” to get a comprehensive introduction to Cloud-based Business Intelligence and Analytics featuring Amazon Web Services as the leading cloud vendor.


Working with massive datasets in the cloud?



Amazon Redshift, Amazon's Massively Parallel Processing (MPP) data warehouse service, offers a highly flexible and scalable approach to data modelling and storage. Tableau has the ability to natively connect to Amazon Redshift, allowing users to generate powerful insights from their Amazon Redshift data using best in class visualization and a variety of options for cloud integration. Watch this webcast, “Massively Scalable Insights with Tableau and Amazon Redshift”, to hear more about what Amazon Redshift and Tableau can offer your organization.


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