Improving Sales Reporting for a Pharma Giant

Case study

Our client is global life sciences company, a leader in both patented prescription and generic pharmaceuticals. Margins within the generic division must be controlled tightly so it is important for managers to have up-to-date sales data at their fingertips.

The Vision

The client was generating multiple sales reports which were sent out daily by email reporting on daily sales as of the end of the previous day. These reports were static with little opportunity to use them to gain further insight. The reports were mainly text and table based.

The vision was to create a report which would pull together the different static reports into one single report providing all the data but would also allow for filtering and drill-down capabilities combined with graphical representations of the data and trends over time.

Delivering the Vision

A pivot-table was used in order to mimic the current report from a visual point of view but it incorporated filters, show/hide functionality and other QlikView tools to make it more usable and easy to understand for users. Additional tabs are provided to access more detail in graphic terms fo give the user a different way of looking at the data.

One result was to automate the majority of the manual work formerly needed to develop the daily reports which had been sent out by email. Users can directly break the data down in different ways without the requirement to request the preparation of specific reports. The reports are all available to users via a central server alongside other reporting on the reporting portal accessible via IE.


Find out more

Contact Al McEwan. Al is a Data & AI Consultant, and Head of Capability Development at Thorogood