QlikView 11.2: New Offerings for the Enterprise

iOS Support and Real-Time Data


QlikView 11.2 brings about enhancements targeted at business users. QlikView’s new iOS App for iPad and iPhone gives on-the-go access to executives and “road warriors” who might be out of the office but still need access to your enterprise data systems. QlikView’s Direct Discovery mode lets you tap into real-time data, giving your analysts and power users a hybrid experience blending the benefits of real-time data access with the traditional associative experience.

Watch how QlikView on iOS and QlikView Direct Discovery can benefit your enterprise organization.

iOS App on iPad


QlikView 11.2's new iOS app gives users a dedicated QlikView experience on their iPads. Click to see the benefits it brings to users on-the-go.


Direct Discovery


Direct Discovery gives you the ability to tap directly into your enterprise data while still retaining the associative experience.


iPad Offline Mode


Offline Mode in QlikView's iOS app allows you to take your data with you, even if you don't have an Internet connection.


iOS App on iPhone


QlikView's iOS app has been updated to include the iPhone! Take a look at the benefits of accessing Small Devices Mode.


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