Enable Your Enterprise Organization with the Qlik BI Platform

In this video series we share the latest additions to the Qlik platform and provide insights into where our customers have found success deploying Qlik as an Enterprise solution for reporting and analysis.

What are the different tools available to utilize in the Qlik platform? How can you expand your Qlik footprint to deliver business value while balancing Enterprise flexibility? For answers to these questions and more, check out our trio of videos:


Benefits of the Qlik Platform
(Duration 6:45)

Evolution of a Qlik Solution
(Duration 5:40)

Enterprise Considerations
(Duration 7:50)

Benefits of the Qlik Platform Evolution of a Qlik Solution Enterprise Considerations for Qlik Customers

This series of short videos accompanies a program of more detailed webcasts and interactive, deep dive workshops in the US and UK to help you understand the role that Qlik solutions can play in your organization. Be sure to check out our other Qlik videos in the Insights section of our website.

If you have any questions about the topics covered in these videos, or would like additional information about Qlik and how it might fit with your current data and business intelligence capabilities, please get in touch.

Thorogood is an independent consultancy able to advise on the strengths and possible limitations of these products for your specific circumstances.