Qlik Insights

The Qlik set of Business Intelligence solutions are all about discovery. Discover insights through dynamic dashboards and analysis.

Have a look at some of our Insights videos about the power of QlikView and Qlik Sense.


Enable Your Enterprise Organization with the Qlik BI Platform

In this Qlik video series we discuss the latest in the Qlik platform and share where our customers have found success in expanding Qlik into an Enterprise solution

A Look at Qlik Sense

Qlik Sense is the latest product release from Qlik. It offers an exciting platform for visualizing and interacting with your data. We demonstrate some of the new capabilities of Qlik Sense in this video.

Enterprise Data Discovery with Qlik

Thorogood hosted an interactive webcast on the product offerings from Qlik, including the recent release of Qlik Sense and how Qlik fits into a modern enterprise data landscape.

QlikView 11.2: New Offerings for the Enterprise

QlikView 11.2 brings about enhancements targeted at business users. QlikView’s new iOS App for iPad and iPhone gives on-the-go access to executives and “road warriors” who might be out of the office but still need access to your enterprise data systems. QlikView’s Direct Discovery mode lets you tap into real-time data, giving your analysts and power users a hybrid experience blending the benefits of real-time data access with the traditional associative experience.

Integrate third-party insight to get richer analysis with QlikView

QlikView 11 allows power users to connect with existing data models, adding more data to create their own enriched data experience. QlikView also supports interactive export to Microsoft Office, giving users the benefits of QlikView in the familiar Microsoft Office environment.

Enriching context and improving collaboration

QlikView 11 brings together great new features like Collaborative Sessions, improved Notes, and Annotations. Watch how using QlikView shared sessions, notes, and annotations can really help users collaborate.

Create on-the-fly Business Intelligence within your browser

QlikView 11 allows users to build reporting and analysis right within the browser. Comparative Analysis enables users to do comparisons within dimensions, allowing for deeper insight of the trends in your data.