Microsoft Power BI delivers game-changing, extensible, cloud-based Business Intelligence and Analytics

Microsoft's flagship business intelligence service, Power BI, embodies their 'mobile first, cloud first' strategy, providing an extensive collaborative and on-the-go solution that meets evolving business needs.

With frequent releases of new functionality to the cloud-based service, Power BI has very quickly established itself as an industry-leading alternative to traditional desktop and on-premise server-based tools. Thorogood has been helping companies plan for and adopt this new portfolio of applications and services. This series of short videos accompanies a programme of more detailed webcasts and interactive, deep dive workshops to help you understand the rapidly expanding range of options enabled by Microsoft Power BI.

If you have any questions about the topics covered in these videos, or would like additional information about the Microsoft Power BI suite and how it might fit with your current data and business intelligence capabilities, please get in touch. Thorogood is an independent consultancy able to advise on the strengths and possible limitations of these products for your specific circumstances.

Integrating R scripts with Power BI PowerBI R Integration

Extending Power BI with custom visualizations PowerBI Custom Visualizations

Get the Power BI mobile experience PowerBI Mobile iPad

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