Natural Language Query with Microsoft Q&A 

Analytic tools today are becoming increasingly sophisticated, with powerful visualizations able to answer a myriad of questions. But how do you make it easy for executives to ask the questions they want, in a way that’s familiar to them with almost no training and fewer clicks? 

Introduces Microsoft Q&A for natural language querying. Users can type sentences and get instant responses – no programming language, no drag and drop, just plain English – “What are my sales in 2014? Who are my top customers? Show me sales on a map …”

And it’s a learning tool too, building up a bank of information on what questions are being asked, enabling real business questions to be mapped onto analytic models. The result – a tool that gets better at understanding the more it’s used.

Based on the Microsoft Power BI and Office 365 technologies, Q&A delivers powerful analytics to non-technical users in an exciting and intuitive way.