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Microsoft delivers Business Intelligence by integrating the strengths of its products on a single platform to power informed business decisions. 

Watch our Microsoft experts in action in this video series.


Introducing Microsoft Previews

Microsoft’s newest previews are potential game changers in the BI landscape with scalable Analysis Services in the cloud and broader Power BI accessibility on-premises.

Unlock your users’ potential with Microsoft’s Power BI toolset

What are the different tools available to utilize in the Power BI suite? What types of users would use which tool? What do I need to know about
Power BI implementation? Find answers to these questions and more in the videos below, starting with data model and report creation in Power BI
Desktop, report consumption and collaboration in Power BI Service, and key considerations in utilizing Power BI for your enterprise.

Microsoft Power BI's extensible, cloud-based BI and Analytics

With frequent releases of new functionality to the cloud-based service, Power BI has very quickly established itself as an industry-leading alternative to traditional desktop and on-premise server-based tools. Thorogood has been helping companies plan for and adopt this new portfolio of applications and services. This series of short videos will help you understand the rapidly expanding range of options enabled by Microsoft Power BI.

How Microsoft HDInsight Rises to the Challenge of Big Data

Ninety percent of all the data that exists today was generated in the last two years. With data volumes increasing exponentially it is inevitable that today's solutions must evolve to meet tomorrow's needs. Relational databases in many organizations are increasingly hitting the limits of this technology. This webcast explains how TNT Post devised a new approach for managing their enterprise data with Microsoft's Hadoop-powered HDInsight software.

Natural Language Query with Microsoft Q&A

Analytic tools today are becoming increasingly sophisticated, with powerful visualizations able to answer a myriad of questions. But how do you make it easy for executives to ask the questions they want, in a way that’s familiar to them with almost no training and fewer clicks?

The One-Stop-Shop Report Catalogue

Global organizations often use a variety of reporting and analysis tools to deliver different sorts of information across the enterprise. This webinar demonstrates how you can use SharePoint to catalogue your organization’s reports and use its powerful Search and Collaboration features to deliver a compelling interface for users to access and share information.

A Case for Microsoft ROLAP

With Microsoft Analysis Services being one of the most scalable multi-dimensional OLAP tools on the market, the relational OLAP storage method has traditionally not been given much consideration.  Is there a reason to consider, or reconsider, Microsoft’s ROLAP architecture given the current technology landscape?