Monitoring Global Process Performance Unilever

Unilever is a global consumer business with strong brands in personal care, food and household sectors, and an enviable position in emerging markets around the world. To drive growth it is simplifying and streamlining its business and concentrating on the excellence of its global business processes.

This approach applies not only to Unilever’s core competences, such as brand development and product innovation, but also to the business support processes in Finance, HR and IT, much of which has been outsourced to service providers. To monitor the excellence of execution of these processes Unilever is developing an application known as U360, this includes a global scorecard to measures performance. The application development began with the HR processes as these were the most extensively outsourced.


While many global HR processes are outsourced to service providers, Unilever retains the process knowledge within a central repository of documentation of processes, best practice and performance standards, and monitors process metrics.

The metrics used by the service providers are harmonised so that Unilever managers can analyse and report performance flexibly, for example, either by function, or by service provider, using the new application


The objective was to present the measures of process performance clearly and unambiguously. Clarity about performance is a foundation for the development of robust and strategically sound relationships with service providers, and the pursuit of reductions in long run costs.


The solution uses Microsoft SQL Server to collate the process metrics data and Reporting Services to produce the scorecard representations and reports that are required. Unilever mapped the underlying processes, both internal and external, with Control 2007 from Nimbus Partners. Thorogood developed metrics where these could not be provided by the service providers.

Thorogood input

Thorogood was able to use its considerable experience of metrics, scorecard production, Microsoft SQL Server and Reporting Services to recommend an effective solution. The presentation of the information had a considerable impact, bringing clarity to both global HR and service provider performance. 


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