Global Scorecard for Reckitt Benckiser

A Global Business Intelligence Solution.


Reckitt Benckiser is a market leader in household cleaning products and owns brands such as Dettol, Lemsip, Veet, Finish, Airwick, Vanish and Harpic.  The company operates in 60 countries with products sold in 180 and has 23,000 employees worldwide


Reckitt Benckiser operates in a highly competitive marketplace in which it is vitally important to differentiate products consistently from those of competitors.  Only excellent performance from all the elements of the value chain enables them to outperform their competition.

Meeting overall revenue growth objectives depends upon achieving volume growth in new markets and increasing market share in established markets.  This depends not only on achieving target revenue but also upon innovation, customer relationships and efficiency.

Reckitt Benckiser’s existing performance reporting systems measured financial and sales performance.  However, there were many other leading indicators of performance throughout the product life cycle that needed to be monitored.  Few formal systems existed to do this, and those that did were not covering the entire global business of the newly merged company. 


The CEO wanted to consolidate key measures of performance from all elements of the value chain into a clear set of reports.  These would provide an early call to action where performance may be falling below the standards set, enabling early remedial action to be taken.  The clarity of the measures, or Key Performance Indicators, would focus managements’ attention on critical success factors for the business.  The CEO set an aggressive timescale for the achievement of this vision.  The resulting system consolidates external data from around the world and combines it with information from internal systems.

Key features of the system include:

  • Drill to detail
  • Cross-Drill to other business dimensions 
  • Highly customized formats 
  • Viewpoint colour coding 
  • Conditional formatting

Thorgood input

The project was divided into several phases in order to achieve early visibility. Phase 1 comprised rollout within the US. Subsequent phases included global rollout and expansion to other business areas.

Thorogood worked with Reckitt Benckiser’s project team to provide the business with a set of graphic reporting formats. Performance data necessary to produce the measures was extracted from the company’s information systems.  These systems included a JD Edwards transactional system, Hyperion Enterprise and Siebel sales systems.  The application provided the flexibility needed to produce the measures within an aggressive timescale.

Thorogood provided a powerful, well-balanced  international implementation team comprising:

  • Project management skills
  • OLAP / data warehouse design expertise
  • Skills in analytics and business modeling
  • Software  integration skills

Benefits to the client

The system concentrates management attention on those priorities identified as key to improving business performance.  By rolling out a common view across the business, all users are working on the same information and assumptions and are driving in the same direction.

The measures have begun to communicate clear direction and definite priorities to the company’s managers.

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