Pharmaceutical R&D Performance Management for Radeval

An Innovative Performance Management Service for Pharmaceutical R&D.


The productivity of pharmaceutical research and development processes is critical for the success of the ethical pharmaceutical industry. It is a priority for top management and a topic of vital interest to institutional investors. Pharmaceutical companies share process metrics anonymously so that each firm can benchmark their performance. Radeval is a new provider with an innovative approach – helping clients to use the metrics to provide performance management insights and to enhance performance management processes.


The principals of Radeval bring long experience of pharmaceutical processes and a wealth of clinical and commercial knowledge. They have a superior understanding of the performance management priorities of its customers, and how metrics data can be used to monitor, analyze and improve performance. Making metrics available to pharmaceutical managers is only one aspect of the service, the metrics can also be integrated into the performance management processes that align resources with priorities, monitor performance, and identify and resolve key issues.

The speed of evolution of the offering and its responsiveness to client needs depends partly on the flexibility of the underlying technology. To maximize this flexibility and responsiveness Radeval commissioned Thorogood to provide the technical solution. Thorogood experts create the outputs specified by Radeval’s experts and used by Radeval’s customers to drive improvements in R&D performance.

Thorogood input

Thorogood is able to provide Radeval with an advanced and responsive specialist service, with people who are capable of understanding the Radeval vision and delivering that vision with the most appropriate technology.


Thorogood built the solution using SQL Server 2008 including the Database Engine, Integration Services and Reporting Services components.   Windows SharePoint Services and custom .Net web parts were used to deliver a secure, interactive experience for the end user.  This gave Radeval scalable, flexible architecture to meet current and future needs.

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