Corporate Banking Management Information (CBMI) Support

Lloyds Banking Group

Lloyds Banking Group (LBG) is one of the largest UK retail banks. LBG Corporate Banking handles relationships with large corporate clients and financial institutions. The Corporate Banking Management Information (CBMI) system provides relationship managers with information from different business areas and reports on individual clients across the full range of banking services and products. Thorogood developed the management information system and provides a dedicated team which supports the system. The importance of the system to the Corporate Banking Division requires continuous management to ensure that the application is providing information efficiently which means that effective support is essential.


Lloyds Banking Group has a large portfolio of products and services which are provided to its customers' various operations through multiple accounts. Prior to CBMI being introduced, the information needs of Corporate Markets had been met by a number of different systems, some of which were legacy systems and others tactical solutions implemented to meet pressing business requirements. The purpose of CBMI was to provide a unified solution to ensure that the business was not handicapped by poor access to reliable, complete and timely information.

The CBMI system provides the business with a holistic reporting and analysis application which receives feeds from a number of systems to enable reporting at a consolidated level. The information is used across a number of roles and functions across the bank: by front line managers responsible for client relationships, by managers responsible for different product and service lines, by credit management, by finance and by business support functions. The users depend on the information to optimize business with individual clients and to help them build long term profitable relationships with high potential customers.

Thorogood developed the system and have been involved with the business from inception, so the team has a very good understanding of the business and the wider role that the application has on management information. The complexities in integrating the different information feeds into one application means that the Thorogood team is best placed to support the system and its growth in the business.


The objective is for the Thorogood team to provide technical and functional support for the CBMI system to:

  • Ensure the system is available 100% during business hours
  • Ensure correctness of data by assisting the Corporate Banking Finance Team during their validation and reconciliation processes
  • Ensure quick turnaround on user queries and issues
  • Investigate how the system is being used and how it can be improved

As a result, the Thorogood support service plays a role in maximizing the value of the system and minimizing costs through a proactive long term support model.

It is essential that the support team not only understands the technical functionality of the system but also appreciates and understands business processes, data and business intelligence. The combination of these skills enables further development of the application in line with changing markets and business objectives.


The support model utilizes staff from the Thorogood Bangalore operation. They are carefully selected for their technical, business understanding and communication skills. The team works closely with, and has developed strong relationships with, the end-users from the Corporate Banking Finance Team, Lloyds Group IT and the Service Delivery team. They respond promptly to meet challenges that arise, and seek proactively to eliminate the root causes of issues. They stay alert to the need for changes to the system to accommodate business change and they actively research, analyze and suggest improvements to both IT and business users.


The responsible manager has stated: "the support provided by Thorogood for CBMI has been invaluable to Lloyds".

The system is successful and work is underway to extend it to include recently acquired businesses and to increase the number of users. Thorogood is best placed for this development of the CBMI system based on our team's thorough understanding and knowledge of not only the system but the business challenges.

"Thorogood Development and Support teams have been excellent in managing expectations and delivering on time. The teams have in depth knowledge of the system and the technology and what's brilliant to see is that they are very much up to date with the ever changing IT.

Excellent customer service & providing quick resolutions are their key strengths and deploying the right people for the right job have made them a trustworthy Service provider."

Himanshu Kalra, Assistant Manager, Financial Control & Management Information, Corporate Banking Finance

"I've worked with Thorogood, on and off, for over ten years now. They provide a first class BI consultancy service which makes a real, tangible difference to our organisation. With a longstanding relationship built upon a solid understanding of our business and its priorities, they develop innovative and effective solutions quickly and efficiently. Their knowledge of our systems and their appreciation of the latest technological developments in the BI arena enable us to develop MI solutions which leverage the data within the organisation to maximum effect."

"We have a great partnership: they always seek to understand the problem from our perspective, frequently come up with some very clever options to meet the challenge at hand, and, best of all, can be trusted to deliver practical solutions which meet the information needs of the business and bring real business insight."
John Tapper, Senior Integration Manager, Corporate Banking Finance, Lloyds Banking Group

"I have always been thoroughly impressed with Thorogood.  They manage the customer relationship superbly, provide fantastic support, always think about how things can be developed and improved, and deliver timely and efficient solutions."
Julie Robinson, Financial Control & Management Information Team (FCMI Team), Corporate Banking Finance, Lloyds Banking Group

"I have provided liaison Support between Thorogood and the Bank for a few years now, for the CBMI application.  In that time I have relied heavily on the support provided by the Thorogood team to resolve a whole host of issue surrounding both technical and processing issues that have occurred.  Thorogood have proven, time and again their ability to provide timely, robust and innovative solutions to problems that have presented themselves.  I look forward to maintaining this relationship for some time to come."
Ray Masek, EBS SME - Technical Delivery - Payments, Group IT, Lloyds TSB Bank plc



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