Europe-wide Pharma Sales and Marketing

A single, elegant business intelligence solution provides the information required by multiple pharmaceutical sales and marketing operations across Europe - and aligns the organisation behind the performance priorities of the European Management Team. The solution uses Microsoft SQL Server and ProClarity for reporting and analytics, and to support the integration of information from SAP and multiple other sources.


In Europe, Chiron Biopharmaceuticals is organised into local country commercia operations. However, the European Management Team wanted to create a single shared business intelligence solution; one that would meet their information needs and also provide all the information required by all the local operations. The design was to reflect a shared and consistent set of European performance priorities, measures and best practice.


The management priorities were clear - and the solution design was to deliver the priorities promptly, avoiding unnecessary elaboration, complexity, and costs.


Thorogood proposed a solution which took the technology from an existing central application and re-used it to create the Europe-wide sales and marketing solution, so minimising incremental costs.

Selected capabilities were to be delivered in discrete phases; the first phase delivered the highest priority information and eliminated time-consuming processes in order to release additional selling time.

The system delivers daily, weekly and monthly reports and web based analytical capabilities to representatives and sales and marketing managers who are dispersed across Europe, and to the European Management Team. The main internal data source is SAP, but the solution was designed for flexibility, to facilitate the integration of data from multiple sources.

Key elements of the solution were sourced cost -effectively from Thorogood India, which also provides support


The solution uses Microsoft SQL Server as the database, Microsoft Analysis Services as the analytical engine, Microsoft Reporting Services as the reporting engine and ProClarity as the analytical and reporting front-end tool. The Microsoft BI platform is highly capable, low cost and continually being improved. ProClarity exploits the platform’s power well, and provides analytical capabilities to geographically dispersed mobile personnel over the web via a zero-footprint browser-based tool. The fuzzy look-up functionality available with SQL Server 2005 was used to clean up the SAP data.

Thorogood Input

Thorogood was able to use its considerable experience of pharmaceutical sales and marketing systems to understand Chiron’s priorities; and its experience of developing global systems with ProClarity and Microsoft SQL Server to provide a solution that could be used Europe-wide at minimum incremental cost, and with maximum future flexibility.


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