Helping a Pharma Giant Drive
Sales Growth With Qlik

Our client is a global life sciences company and a manufacturer of pharmaceuticals and other healthcare products, distributing a wide range of products covering branded medicines, generic products, vaccines and consumer over-the-counter products. Sales channels vary considerably country by country and include direct sales and indirect sales.


The Vision

Our client’s objective was to provide key sales staff with insight into customer sales and performance of direct sales. The requirement was to create a dashboard providing sales, volume and performance KPI’s, for example On Time In Full (OTIF) and Pack Fill Rate (PFR), by Month, Customer and Product.

The insight would enable the Key Account Managers (KAMs) to compare current sales values with the prior year and with current year targets, and then to further analyse performance KPI’s values and view trends over time. The dashboards would also empower KAMs users to find key growth opportunities in their key accounts, focusing on potential Franchises, Molecules and even SKU’s they could be developing with their customers. In this way the company could eliminate multiple sources of data and disparate reporting methods by combining all necessary reports into one cohesive application that would be easy for the user to use.


Delivering the Vision

The technology used for the front-end is QlikView, and the key fact data is supplied by the client’s SAP database, providing sales data, targets, product information as well as customer and country master data. Other key local dimension data is provided in flat files to ensure the demands of the regional pharma business are taken into account. Sales data is updated daily while performance KPI’s are uploaded monthly.

As well as the ability to present performance in a clear way, the user can drill-down immediately to the granular data. One of the key features of the dashboard is the ability to perform portfolio comparisons of individual customers against groups of customers to identify products that they could be selling into these accounts. This data can be graphically presented to show a single customer sales profile against a group of customers with a similar or different characteristics. Targets and prior year sales is available for the company managers to view but can be masked out for use when using the dashboards to present to customers.

Next steps

The dashboard is being introduced country by country, adapted to take into account the major differences in pharmaceutical distribution market by market.


Want to know more?

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