Maximising Business Value and Supply Chain Performance with a Cloud Extranet

Our client produces over 400 major brands in the food, personal care and homecare sectors in 300 production facilities across 100 countries globally. Maintaining a good business relationship with its suppliers is key to their success and sharing payment and supply information is an important part of this. A cloud hosted extranet enables suppliers to track status of deliveries and payments and see statistics on performance.


The Vision

The client’s vision was for a single source of information for suppliers, updated weekly, easily and safely accessible, which would become an essential part of servicing a major consumer goods multinational. Suppliers and company staff would be able to see up-to-date information on payment timings, supply forecasts and other key operational data, driving greater alignment between the company and suppliers to maximize the overall supply chain performance. It would be essential that a large number of disparate suppliers with different infrastructures could easily access and interact with the application and neither technology nor cost should be a barrier.


Fulfilling the Vision

The solution is an extranet – a cloud-hosted solution making key data available to suppliers enabling them to work with the company more effectively. Thorogood provided Business Intelligence expertise to deliver the following information and capabilities through the extranet platform:

• Transactional level data- inventory, shipment delivery, quality, and payment status
• Master Data – delivery plans, order quantities
• Aggregated Data - global and regional scorecards
• Links to external supply chain tools
• Ability to add comments to exported reports
• Ability to set up specific reports to enable users to validate their master data

The data is loaded weekly from multiple sources and stored in a database from where information is reported via a set of dashboards and related detailed reports. Robust security ensures supplier confidentiality; any problems or queries on the data can be reported directly through the system to increase supplier buy-in to the information. The solution leverages the Microsoft BI and collaboration technology set, including SQL Server and SharePoint, and has been delivered using Microsoft Azure cloud solutions.

Next Steps.

Additional data of common interest to suppliers and the company supply chain staff will be added over time. The first of these will be to introduce value data to all volume data and include inefficiency costs, sustainability and sourcing scores.


Want to Know More?

If you would like to know more about what can be achieved with Business Information & Analytics and would like to discuss your options with an independent specialist, please get in touch with Evelyn Heyes in the UK ( or Trevor Jones in the US (