Developing a Social Media Analytics Strategy for a Global Manufacturer 

Our client is a leading global business with an enviably strong strategic position in the consumer packaged goods market. Being in tune with their consumers is of primary importance to them, so understanding what the purchasing consumer is saying on social media is key to their success.


The Vision

The client’s marketing experts had been extracting valuable but limited insights from social media data to better understand what consumers think of their brands. Understanding the full scope of the data, and finding ways to deliver social media analytics to more people within the organization would multiply its value, enabling them to get even greater insights into consumers’ thinking.

Analyzing a high profile multichannel advertising campaign, the business was keen to understand social media conversations around the chosen brand, and asked Thorogood to help them get the most out of their selected technology.


Meeting the Challenge

To evaluate the capture of conversations across a wide range of social media platforms, Thorogood worked with the DataSift technology, taking multiple feeds including Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Klout. By analyzing the interaction content, Thorogood was able to identify a wide range of attributes associated with each social media conversation, such as time of conversation, the author’s age and gender, and their social media influence.

Using these attributes Thorogood applied the power of Tableau to generate visualizations which provided real insights into the parameters around social media conversations – the what, when, and where of consumer discussions. Further, by linking this to corporate data such as market share, Thorogood was able to include social media data in analyses to increase understanding of what might drive sales.





The Outcome

The client’s marketing team are excited about being able to better visualize the information from social media conversations. They see great value in being able to leverage technologies such as DataSift to provide a “social media enterprise data warehouse” and see this as a key part of their strategy to include consumer conversations into their social media data strategy.


Want to know more?

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