Oracle Case Studies

Read about how we've delivered successful customer solutions with powerful relational, OLAP and planning technologies from Oracle ...

Arming investors with fast, organised, high-value data

As a major retail property investment company, Chartwell Land was missing business opportunities because of outmoded and uncoordinated management information systems – until our solution of fully-flexible integrated data servers opened the door on insightful cost and profitability patterns.

Versatile data management tools spanning multiple departments

We inherited the care and maintenance of a legacy sales and purchase data system designed for retail group Kingfisher. Masterminding the expansion of applications to the production department, we resolved system errors and fine-tuned software – driving forward the group’s future turnover plans.

Cutting-edge, low-cost technology for a centralised European pricing system

A new Microsoft and Hyperion technology infrastructure has enabled music publishing company EMI to successfully navigate the triple challenges of increased retailer consolidation, the introduction of the single currency and cross-border expansion.