Microsoft Case Studies

Read about how we've delivered successful customer solutions using scalable and powerful BI software from Microsoft ...

Low-cost, high-grade servers propel food firm into new millennium

Kerry Foods relied on a time-consuming paper-based reporting process – but thanks to a new data warehouse system, key business managers are only ever a finger-press away from the sales patterns, purchasing figures and account performances they need to respond to customers’ fast-changing needs.

Data technology designed to win new custom – and keep existing clients

Property services group Trillium was able to combine its numerous work orders and performance monitors into one comprehensive, user-friendly and affordable database. Data can now be sorted and viewed in a number of formats – enabling prompter customer service, predictive problem prevention, and tighter supplier management.

Updating sales analytics to keep pace with growing business

The retail banking group of Lloyds contracted us to redevelop its analytical sales tools after the manufacturer of its existing technology ceased supporting the format. We matched the flexibility and modelling power of the original system while managing to increase its user-friendliness, scalability and information-sharing capability.

Helping corporate bank prioritise most profitable customers

We equipped Lloyds with a new system for integrating data feeds and applying powerful modelling tools – a less labour-intensive and error-prone system than its predecessor, and one which allowed it to focus on key clients while incentivising relationship managers and identifying cross-selling opportunities.

Risk modelling for regulation and customer insights

A new modelling platform for credit risk analysis enabled Lloyds TSB Personal Banking to meet the legislative requirements of Basel II. Its new data warehouse allowed advanced analysis, unprecedented customer insights and stress tests for ever layer of the business.

Bespoke management information system helps drive corporate sales

We developed and provide ongoing support for a sophisticated Corporate Banking Management Information (CBMI) system for Lloyds, helping the group market new products and services aided by reliable, complete and timely client profile data.

Smarter data processing system set for group-wide rollout

An innovative reporting and analysis system based on Microsoft SharePoint enables data to be collated from multiple systems and departments within the group’s IT department. From a user-friendly dashboard interface, tactical management reports can now be developed based around Key Performance Indicators (KPIs).

New reporting system tallies details of 1 million+ business customers

With a high-spec server system and analytics software, Lloyds TSB can tailor business banking services on a client-by-client basis. The system combines Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) with performance reports, business planning, incentives, customer monitoring and security.

Unlocking valuable customer information via Teradata database

An innovative merging of Microsoft BI and Teradata technologies provided Lloyds’ Customer Value Management Team (CVMT) with accessible, easy-to-understand client data and behavioural insights, enabling it to tailor services on a customer-by-customer, product-by-product basis.

Single, scalable database for faster customer responses

A highly-evolved sales reporting server for the cosmetics giant can automatically gather Electronic Point Of Sale (EPOS) data for faster, more consistent and insightful customer insights. Time saved on manual input is invested in an improved planning and decision-making process – benefitting both business and customer.