Microsoft Case Studies

Read about how we've delivered successful customer solutions using scalable and powerful BI software from Microsoft ...

Transforming a radical sales concept into a fully-operational system

An easy-to-use and up-to-date SharePoint global sales dashboard has boosted the performance of Chanel sales staff worldwide, by allowing the distribution of critical sales data in a timely, accurate and secure manner – 24/7.

Arming investors with fast, organised, high-value data

As a major retail property investment company, Chartwell Land was missing business opportunities because of outmoded and uncoordinated management information systems – until our solution of fully-flexible integrated data servers opened the door on insightful cost and profitability patterns.

Equipping sales teams with the data to seal deals

Advanced reporting and analytics tools for pharma company Chiron has allowed its Europe-wide sales and marketing teams to access the same data and work towards common strategies. Our low-cost solution was designed with maximum future flexibility in mind.

Fast access to figures in an industry reliant on speed

Our customised data system for coffee company Douwe Egberts allows finance, administration and sales staff to view both actual and forecasted results across multiple formats at the press of a button – with ongoing training and support provided to ensure a smooth transition to the new system.

State-of-the-art reporting and analysis tools

As a global employee benefits insurance company eyeing growth, Emerson Reid’s operations are now more responsive thanks to a new SharePoint-based management information system – a versatile, flexible and reliable technology allowing it to more effectively manage those all-important relationships with brokers.

Cutting-edge, low-cost technology for a centralized European pricing system

A new Microsoft and Hyperion technology infrastructure has enabled music publishing company EMI to successfully navigate the triple challenges of increased retailer consolidation, the introduction of the single currency and cross-border expansion.

Transforming data into intelligence – and intelligence into income

Up-to-date data and financial analysis software helps tobacco company Gallaher monitor performance at an outlet-by-outlet level, enabling regional agents to target their efforts where most required – maximising their effectiveness, increasing brand revenue and improving market share.

Faster, smarter servers help shape new business strategies

A high-velocity server upgrade has allowed tobacco company Gallaher an unprecedented degree of sales stats analysis. By monitoring new types of data and increasing the number of variables that could be analysed, the technology provided a more flexible platform for future development of the server – in addition to increased system performance.

Designing a super-efficient, value-driven performance tracker

GSK’s cumbersome and costly research data server was replaced with a high-spec alternative, one capable of accommodating new business deals and uniting fragmented sales data. It allows management to arrive at faster, better-informed judgements, and fulfil the company-wide need for more ‘business intelligent’ decision-making.

Using Business Intelligence for fast feedback in a dynamic and complex marketplace

Imperial is the market leader in the tobacco sector in Morocco. To stay on top they need to track the performance of their brands, identify competitive threats and opportunities quickly and target rapid responses from the sales force. BI is helping them keep the lead in this fast moving market.