Microsoft Case Studies

Read about how we've delivered successful customer solutions using scalable and powerful BI software from Microsoft ...

An International Insurance Underwriter Pilots a Unified Financial Management System

A globally unified finance function helps firms to meet the challenges of maintaining alignment with priorities, allocating resources optimally, responding quickly to change and managing complexity and risk. Our client used a proof of concept and then a pilot to develop a global consensus on a unified financial management information system.

Empowering an International Insurer for Self-Service BI

Our client is a global, property and casualty insurer, with a substantial specialty business. They offer a wide range of insurance products and services and operate in over 25 countries across the globe.The company recently invested in a technology platform with strong self-service capabilities. They envisioned a culture where business users would be able to leverage that platform to independently access and analyze information empowering them to make timely, data-supported decisions.

Globalising Best Practice in the Management of Customer Relationships

Our client is a global consumer business that tries to build strong win-win relationships with its retail customers. Customer development teams are at the forefront of this activity in the countries in which they operate. Such teams have access to business intelligence applications including the trade profitability system which helps them collaborate effectively with the retailers to increase profitability.

Extending the Analytic Capabilities of Excel for Actuaries – Insurance Loss Triangles

The client is one of the largest property and casualty insurance companies in the world. This solution was for the surety division who provide specialist insurance products such as contract, commercial and fidelity bonds.

Consistent, Accurate, Cost Control with an On-Line Reporting Solution

Our client produces over 400 major brands in the food, personal care and homecare categories in 300 production facilities across 100 countries globally. To manage the business effectively it is essential for business and financial managers across the company to be able to access consistent up-to-date cost information and to enable them to analyze and forecast without specialist data tool training.

Maximising Business Value and Supply Chain Performance with a Cloud Extranet

Our client produces over 400 major brands in the food, personal care and homecare sectors in 300 production facilities across 100 countries globally. Maintaining a good business relationship with its suppliers is key to their success and sharing payment and supply information is an important part of this.

Using Feedback to Keep the Consumer at the Heart of a Multinational Manufacturer

Our client markets over 400 major brands in the food, personal care and home care categories. It operates in over 80 countries worldwide across both developed and emerging markets. Consumer feedback is vitally important to the whole of the company and in particular to the quality assurance and marketing departments to ensure that diverse consumers continue to be satisfied with the company’s products.

SM@RT Brand Management at Imperial Tobacco

To maintain their market leading position, Imperial Tobacco needed to track the performance of their brands, identify competitive threats and opportunities quickly and target rapid responses from its sales force.

Achieving Business Focus in a Global BI Programme at Unilever

Unilever selected Thorogood to deliver reporting and analytical applications for its ambitious long-term, organisation-wide and multi-technology global BI programme.

Providing BI expertise to support ambitious objectives at Unilever

With an ambitious long-term, cross-functional BI initiative underway, Unilever wanted to ensure quality and consistency and needed BI experts to help them orchestrate this. They chose Thorogood as part of the team.