Other industries

Thorogood has delivered solutions to enterprises in the retail, media, publishing and aviation sectors. Browse the case studies below for more information on how Thorogood helped their organizations.

Big Data Analytics with Microsoft and Hadoop at Whistl 

Whistl (formerly TNT Post) is the UK’s second-largest post provider handling 1.2 billion items of mail a year.  Part of the large PostNL group, the organization has grown organically for the last 10 years and anticipates much further growth going forward. Like many organizations, they forecast significant increases in data volumes and need a clear strategy to handle all this data while maintaining high levels of system performance and controlling data storage costs.

Visualizing Key Performance Data with Tableau at Kennedys Law 

Kennedys is an international law firm specializing in litigation and dispute resolution, primarily for the insurance, reinsurance and liability sectors. Having identified a number of key performance indicators such as cash collection and billing, Kennedys were keen to engage the partners with a visual analysis of performance against target on a daily basis.

Transforming a radical sales concept into a fully-operational system

An easy-to-use and up-to-date SharePoint global sales dashboard has boosted the performance of Chanel sales staff worldwide, by allowing the distribution of critical sales data in a timely, accurate and secure manner – 24/7.

Arming investors with fast, organised, high-value data

As a major retail property investment company, Chartwell Land was missing business opportunities because of outmoded and uncoordinated management information systems – until our solution of fully-flexible integrated data servers opened the door on insightful cost and profitability patterns.


Smarter financial forecasting for budget airline leader

A new state-of-the art cost-modelling application helped easyJet, the UK’s largest airline, maintain its vital competitive advantage through efficient cost control. With data converged across procurement, operations management and finance teams, easyJet can more efficiently balance exchange rates, cost projections and budgeting.

State-of-the-art reporting and analysis tools

As a global employee benefits insurance company eyeing growth, Emerson Reid’s operations are now more responsive thanks to a new SharePoint-based management information system – a versatile, flexible and reliable technology allowing it to more effectively manage those all-important relationships with brokers.

Cutting-edge, low-cost technology for a centralised European pricing system

A new Microsoft and Hyperion technology infrastructure has enabled music publishing company EMI to successfully navigate the triple challenges of increased retailer consolidation, the introduction of the single currency and cross-border expansion.

Versatile data management tools spanning multiple departments

We inherited the care and maintenance of a legacy sales and purchase data system designed for retail group Kingfisher. Masterminding the expansion of applications to the production department, we resolved system errors and fine-tuned software – driving forward the group’s future turnover plans.

Data technology designed to win new custom – and keep existing clients

Property services group Trillium was able to combine its numerous work orders and performance monitors into one comprehensive, user-friendly and affordable database. Data can now be sorted and viewed in a number of formats – enabling prompter customer service, predictive problem prevention, and tighter supplier management.

Single storage point for new product information helps spur sales

A new user-friendly document management system helps managers locate up-to-date product details and organise workflows, while eliminating the duplication of materials and tasks once and for all. The bespoke SharePoint tool also strengthens business security by ensuring users can only see the information relevant to them.