Business Intelligence Strategy at Bacardi-Martini

A BI strategy process facilitated by Thorogood helped Bacardi-Martini to gain an enterprise–wide consensus on business intelligence priorities and technology.


Bacardi-Martini is a privately-owned firm that owns or distributes some of the most iconic premium drinks brands in the UK and overseas, including Bacardi Rum, Bacardi Breezers, Martini, Jack Daniels and Southern Comfort. The commercial operations in the UK operate in a highly competitive environment and all aspects of their operations must be as efficient as possible. Perceiving that recent improvements in business intelligence technology might help them increase effectiveness and reduce costs, the IT corporate IT division commissioned Thorogood to facilitate a BI strategy review. This was aimed at developing an enterprise-wide consensus on business intelligence priorities and technologies.


Bacardi Martini are sophisticated marketers and users of business intelligence with mature BI systems, however, the rate of change in business intelligence is rapid because of competitively driven innovation and change. This creates opportunities to improve systems and to lower costs. However, the market volatility also creates risks if poor technology choices are made. Making the right choices depends on an understanding of the technology options and on an understanding of business goals. Bacardi-Martini wanted a rigorous process to establish a robust business intelligence strategy.


There were three main objectives for the project:

  • To develop a vision for business intelligence that was shared by the key stakeholders
  • To agree the practical steps that would be necessary to realize the vision and to generate shared commitment to practical action by the stakeholders
  • To select a technology that would to meet the business needs at low cost and would be a robust choice in a volatile environment


Bacardi-Martini used the BI strategy development process facilitated by Thorogood and used successfully by many large blue-chip companies. The main elements of which are:

  • Ensuring the involvement of stakeholders by aligning with business priorities
  • Use of established change theory and strategy concepts
  • Establishing clarity over business goals and technical possibilities
  • Visioning of solutions using established methods of graphical representation
  • Determination of practical steps using technical and delivery expertise to quantify costs and timelines
  • Building the commitment of stakeholders to all aspects of the strategy and action plan.

The process involved workshops which Thorogood experts facilitated and supported with specialist information and advice.

Thorogood role

Thorogood is a specialist in business intelligence: we do not re-sell software; nor do we accept commissions from vendors on any sales resulting from our recommendations. Our advice is therefore not influenced by commercial considerations. Our involvement as an independent firm in the strategy process also helps to reassure stakeholders that they can influence the outcome of the strategy review. Our expert facilitators are specially trained and very experienced at building consensus and commitment.

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