Client Case Studies

At Thorogood, our belief in going the extra mile to support our customers has seen us attract major clients from the fields of financial services, consumer packaged goods, pharmaceuticals and many more.

By leveraging powerful BI technology to maximize access to data, we deliver compelling insights that provide them with a powerful competitive advantage. Read what we’ve been doing for them.

Board Reporting on Mobile Devices 

Our Insurance client’s CIO took the initiative to provide his Board of Directors with their Board Reports on mobile devices; increasing the richness and impact of the information and demonstrating the potential of new mobile technologies for the firm. 

SM@RT Brand Management at Imperial Tobacco

To maintain their market leading position, Imperial Tobacco needed to track the performance of their brands, identify competitive threats and opportunities quickly and target rapid responses from its sales force.

Achieving Business Focus in a Global BI Programme at Unilever

Unilever selected Thorogood to deliver reporting and analytical applications for its ambitious long-term, organisation-wide and multi-technology global BI programme.

Providing BI expertise to support ambitious objectives at Unilever

With an ambitious long-term, cross-functional BI initiative underway, Unilever wanted to ensure quality and consistency and needed BI experts to help them orchestrate this. They chose Thorogood as part of the team.

Using Business Intelligence for fast feedback in a dynamic and complex marketplace

Imperial is the market leader in the tobacco sector in Morocco. To stay on top they need to track the performance of their brands, identify competitive threats and opportunities quickly and target rapid responses from the sales force. BI is helping them keep the lead in this fast moving market.

Updating sales analytics to keep pace with growing business

The retail banking group of Lloyds contracted us to redevelop its analytical sales tools after the manufacturer of its existing technology ceased supporting the format. We matched the flexibility and modelling power of the original system while managing to increase its user-friendliness, scalability and information-sharing capability.

Transforming a radical sales concept into a fully-operational system

An easy-to-use and up-to-date SharePoint global sales dashboard has boosted the performance of Chanel sales staff worldwide, by allowing the distribution of critical sales data in a timely, accurate and secure manner – 24/7.

Consolidating performance in existing markets – and breaking into new ones

The household cleaner manufacturer needed a system for better measuring performance – one which delved deeper than simple sales and financial statistics into areas such as innovation, customer relationships and efficiency.

Flexible technology to support the client and its customers

An SQL Microsoft server, customised for pharma research and development specialist Radeval, combines a database engine and reporting system for handling advanced metrics data. Radeval’s specialists can now better analyse and improve the performance of its customers with a fully-scalable technology adaptable for future needs.

Unlocking valuable customer information via Teradata database

An innovative merging of Microsoft BI and Teradata technologies provided Lloyds’ Customer Value Management Team (CVMT) with accessible, easy-to-understand client data and behavioural insights, enabling it to tailor services on a customer-by-customer, product-by-product basis.